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Wheel Alignment Service Pricing

Most vehicles. Excludes vehicles with modified suspension or steering systems. Alignment pricing includes a $30 inspection fee due even if the vehicle is not alignable. Cannot be combined with any other coupon, special, or offer. Steering angle calibration available on most vehicles

Steering & Suspension

Can't Perform an Alignment with Worn Parts

Rack & Pinion

A worn steering rack, inner and outer tie rod ends affect toe angle and wont hold the wheel straight ahead.

Control Arms

Worn bushings and ball joints affect camber and caster angles and should be replaced before an alignment is performed.

Shocks & Hub Bearings

Shocks, struts, and wheel bearings wear out over time. When worn they pose a safety hazard. 

Our certified and experienced technicians are trained to inspect steering and suspension systems. Our unique pre-alignment inspection process is thorough. A consultation is provided to inform you and elaborate on our findings making sure we can provide you with the necessary recommendations so that you can make an informed decision.

What our clients say

AWSOME business. All the workers are knowledgeable and very respectful. . Not out to take your money

R. Briseo

I couldn't ask for better service! It was all so fantastic!! I'm so glad I found Blu Automotive. I trust these guys. I was never ever sure about the dealership. Now I'm sure and confident they are taking good care of my car. and so HONEST!!!! Which is what brings me back. Thank you Blu!!!

Robin M.

Vehicle Stability Control

Vehicles are made with many safety features and the traction control system is vital to keep your vehicle in control when it detects a situation that can potentially cause your vehicle to loose control. A wheel alignment has a direct impact on this safety system.

As the wheels spin there are sensors looking at the speed of each wheel. A sensor sometimes called a Yaw rate sensor monitors the sway or twisting of the vehicle’s body. The steering angle sensor monitors how much your are turning the steering wheel. These are just some of the data that is sent to the computer that operates the SCS ( Stability Control System). When driving over water, gravel, ice, or when making a sharp turn too fast, wheel traction may be diminished causing your vehicle to loose control. When the SCS system detects a loss of traction it jumps in to action to try to keep the vehicle from losing control. After an alignment the steering angle sensor may need calibration to ensure that the information the computer receives is accurate. We are a complete auto repair facility and fully equipped to calibrate most steering angle sensors. Ask us how we can help you with your vehicle’s SCS system when you need a wheel alignment.

See you soon for your wheel alignment needs.

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