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Most vehicles. Excludes European vehicles. Excludes vehicles with modified suspension or steering systems. Alignment pricing includes a $30 inspection fee due even if the vehicle is not alignable. Cannot be combined with any other coupon, special, or offer. Steering angle calibration available on most vehicles
Wheel alignment equipment

Steering & Suspension

Can't Perform an Alignment with Worn Parts

Steering alignment

Rack & Pinion

A worn steering rack, inner and outer tire rod ends affect toe angle and wont hold the wheel straight ahead.

Equipment for wheel alignment

Control Arms

Worn bushings and ball joints affect camber and caster angles and should be replaced before an alignment is performed.

Tools for wheel alignment

Shocks & Hub Bearings

Shocks, struts, and wheel bearings wear out over time. When worn they pose a safety hazard. 

Our certified technicians are trained to inspect steering and suspension systems. Our unique pre-alignment inspection process is thorough. A consultation is provided to inform you and elaborate on our findings making sure we can provide you with the necessary recommendations so that you can make an informed decision.

Vehicle Stability Control

Among a vehicles many safety features, the traction control system is vital to keeping your vehicle in control. Especially when it detects a situation that can potentially cause your vehicle to loose control. Consequently, a wheel alignment has a direct impact on this safety system.

As the wheels spin there are sensors looking at the speed of each wheel. The sensor sometimes called a Yaw rate sensor monitors the sway or twisting of the vehicle’s body. The steering angle sensor monitors how much your are turning the steering wheel. This is just some of the data that is sent to the computer that operates the Stability Control System. When driving over water, gravel, ice, or when making a sharp turn too fast, wheel traction may be diminished causing your vehicle to loose control. When the SCS system detects a loss of traction it jumps in to action to try to keep the vehicle from losing control. After an alignment the steering angle sensor may need calibration to ensure that the information the computer receives is accurate. 

As a complete auto repair facility, we are fully equipped to calibrate most steering angle sensors. Ask us how we can help you with your vehicle’s SCS system when you need a wheel alignment.

Wheel Alignment FAQ

Our Wheel alignment starts at $120 for Domestic and Japanese imports. While a Wheel alignment for European vehicles starts at $140.00. We recommend to be on the look out for any service specials to save money on you next wheel alignment.

Your vehicle may pull to one side while driving or show uneven tire wear. And your vehicle’s steering wheel will not be centered while driving straight ahead.

Yes, a wheel alignment is important. Not only will a properly aligned vehicle save you money by preventing excessive tire wear. But your vehicle’s ABS and stability control system will work at its peak. Thereby allowing you to stay in control of your vehicle.

On the other hand, a misaligned vehicle can negatively affect the ABS and SCS system, thereby increasing your chance of loosing control of your car.

There are many reasons a vehicle can go out of alignment. Driving over railroad tracks, curbs, pot holes or objects on the road. An alignment can also be knocked off during a collision.

However, it’s normal to a see a vehicle’s camber, caster and toe to go out of specification over time. This will gradually happen as you continue to drive over imperfections on the road.

It is recommended to perform front and rear wheel alignment after replacing your tires. Doing this will give you a better chance of extending the life of your tires.

Typically a shaking vehicle at highway speeds can be caused by imbalanced or damaged tires or wheels. Another cause can be worn, damaged, or imbalanced axles or driveshaft.

Depending on road conditions a wheel alignment can last a full year or more. Rough roads or impacts to the suspension or steering system can shorten the time that the vehicle stays aligned. It is recommended to have your alignment checked whenever you hit something on the road.

A full alignment includes adjusting the tire air pressure, checking the tread wear, and inspecting the rear suspension and steering system. After the integrity of the steering and suspension is verified we continue with adjusting the alignment angle to the manufacturer specification.

The vehicle can be drive-able with the alignment off. However, you do risk damage to the tires and a diminished operation of the safety systems like the ABS and SCS.

Yes, an alignment will improve gas milage. When the wheels are pointing straight ahead, less engine power is needed to push the vehicle forward.

An alignment will actually help extend the life of your tires.

Your tires should be aligned if you notice uneven tire wear, or a crooked steering wheel while driving straight. Your tires should also be aligned if your car is pulling to one side, and when you replace your tires.

Our wheel alignment service typically takes about an hour to perform.

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Girlrockltd S.
Girlrockltd S.
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Capable, trustworthy, and true service. They are organized, listen and follow up.
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Reliable, keeps you well informed and with pictures of step by step and their findings. Awesome, trustworthy mechanics.
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Very wonderful staff glad I found this place myself , very informative good customer service ❤️
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Robert W.
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I found Blu to be fair, responsive, and caring. They did not push extras like the dealers, gave me a fair price with no inflation and they got my car back to me sooner than promised.
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I’ve been going there for a few years now . The staff is great they go above and beyond for customers. Service is outstanding. I highly recommended Blu

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