Over 20 years of wheel alignment experience.

We have the knowledge and equipment to fully restore your vehicle’s suspension system as well as re-calibrating the steering angle sensor for a properly operating stability control system.

Wheel Alignment, when to request it.

  • When replacing your tires. Read more
  • If a vehicle has been lowered or lifted
  • After an accident
  • Hard impact with a curb or road hazards
  • After replacement of steering or suspension components

When is a wheel alignment needed?

  • Steering wheel is not centered
  • If you notice a pull to the left or right
  • If your tires are wearing unevenly

Benefits of a wheel alignment.

  • Safer vehicle
  • Save money on fuel expense
  • Extend the life of your tires


We’re Biased… Read What Our Clients Are Saying

yelp badge      “I feel that I have finally found an automotive repair shop that cares and is not a rip off. They communicate well with clients…  If you have to wait, their area has many… Read more                                                                                                                        -Phillip S.

repair pal badge-01     ” I have been with this shop many years, before they grew and expanded. They have been hone… Read more                                                                                                -Marian

google review badge-01     “We have been taking all of our cars (Honda Subaru, Toyota, a Mercury, and a GM van) to Blu for several years… They do excellent work and never rip you off… Read More                                                                                                                       – Amy H.

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alignment rack picHunter Engineering Company®

Hunter, alignment systems are a leader in wheel alignments and are recognized by many car makers for their precision equipment for precision wheel alignments.  We proudly use Hunter alignment products and our technicians trust that every vehicle that leaves our shop leaves with the highest quality wheel alignment service.

SCV alignment pic-01Steering angle sensor

After an alignment many vehicles require calibration of the steering angle sensor.  The Steering angle sensor is part of a vehicle’s Stability Control System and its design is to help you stay in control while driving.

Looking for reliable wheel alignment service?  We have over twenty years of experience, certified technicians, and modern alignment equipment.  All of our work comes with a 2  year 24k mile warranty against defect of craftsmanship.  We are a AAA approved repair facility with an outstanding reputation in our community.  Call us today, our knowledgeable staff can help you get safely back on the road.


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