Untitled-1-01Google and YouTube may be a good start to an initial research on a car problem, but the information may not always be reliable.  Therefore after twenty years of fixing vehicles, nothing replaces good old fashion system testing.  Once we confirm the faulty component, we take out the guessing work and unnecessary parts replacement.  You receive the value of having your car fixed correctly the first time and back on the road quickly.



How Do We Do It

We love our job and enjoy the everyday challenge of diagnosing car problems. The pride we feel when we see that our expertise and craftsmanship is appreciated and the responsibility we feel when our clients rely on us to keep their vehicle dependable motivates us to always do our best.  Our continuous investment in state of the art equipment allows our technicians to combine that with their ongoing education to always deliver quality work.


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Blu Experts here to help

No surprises – just facts.

We only use quality parts.  We will not install cheap parts on your vehicle.

We employ experienced trained technicians and service advisors.

All services are backed by a comprehensive warranty.

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