Client Testimonial…

As everyone knows, it is very difficult to find a automotive care facility that you can trust. It is not often that I provide a review but I feel compelled to offer a 10 star review for Blu Automotive.  5 stars for their service and the extra 5 stars for the overall experience. I could go into to detail of all of the ways that Marvin, Dave and the entire staff go above and beyond expectations but I would like to just invite you to visit one time, if just simply for an oil change, then, from there, trust me, you will not only bring all of your cars to Blu forever as we do but you will recommend them to everyone you care about. Try Blu Automotive and you’ll experience what my family and I have.”  -Jason Google Review



Marvin and Dave. Harbor City location.

Service Advisors

We find solutions.  The sincerity of our service advisors will make the process transparent and easy.  We don’t compare ourselves to other shops, therefore we invite you to see for yourself the difference and  learn how your investment in your car goes a long way with us.  We are forever changing the way you look at automotive service and, perhaps, even the way you understand cars.



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AAA Approved, Digital Inspections, Loaner Cars

Our Dedicated Technicians

Our technicians have dedicate themselves to  the Automotive Repair industry and are rockstars when it comes to fixing anything from electrical repair, oil leaks, to advance engine performance. Rest assure that with us your vehicle will go through proven procedures that will deliver quality car care.


What you will receive;

  • Thorough testing & diagnosis from experienced, knowledgeable technicians
  • Email you our findings that include pictures
  • Maintenance that meets factory specifications


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Proudly serving the South Bay community since 1997.  Our clients leave with the confidence and peace of mind that their investment is protected by our warranty.