Timing Belt Replacement To Avoid Engine Damage

Timing belt replacement

Unfortunately, catastrophic damage can occur if your engine’s timing belt breaks. As a matter of fact, sometimes there are warnings before the timing belt fails. These warnings can include belt noise, engine rattle, or even the check engine light. However, sometimes there are no warnings at all, but the great news is that a timing belt failure can be avoided.

Keeping You On The Road

We are the experts, and can typically replace your timing belt in one day. However, it is important to note that you should not trust just anyone to perform this vital procedure. We are fully trained, equipped and experienced to replace timing belts in Japanese imports, domestic and European vehicles.

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Timing Job Done Right

It is recommended to replace the tensioner, idler, water pump, and seals. Furthermore, the timing belt syncs the crankshaft to the camshaft, while also wrapping around the camshaft sprocket and crank shaft sprocket. At the same time, a tensioner is used to keep the belt tight so that it does not slip off.

In addition, among most vehicles the timing belt also drives the water pump. In order to help route the belt and wrap around the water sprocket an idler pulley is used. Next, seals are used to keep oil from leaking out as the cam and crank spin. Consequently, these parts also wear over time and should also be replaced as part of a complete timing belt replacement service.


Components of the timing belt

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Repairing a timing belt
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We can replace the timing belt and its related components within a day on most makes and models.

To recognize the right time for your vehicle’s timing belt replacement, you can consult your vehicle’s owner manual. Replacing your vehicle’s timing belt is important because this component can stretch overtime, causing the timing to go out of adjustment. When the timing is off, it can cause the check engine light to turn on. As a result you could notice the following

  • Rough engine noise while your car is idling
  • Misfiring of the engine
  • A drop in oil pressure
  • Loss of power
  • Check engine light

Following your vehicle’s regular maintenance schedule will hinder the degradation of the timing belt and prevent a failure.


When installed improperly, your vehicle can exhibit some of the following symptoms listed. 

A vehicle’s engine can start shaking. The check engine light may flash or stay on. Loss of engine performance or engine noise may occur. The engine will crank but not start or stay on. All in all there is a great possibility of major damage occuring if the job is done incorrectly.

In fact, the replacement of your vehicle’s timing belt is a job that requires extensive knowledge and precision. In some cases a botched timing belt replacement was caused because the camshaft was not locked in place. Specialized equipment is needed to secure the camshaft and hold it at a specific timing location while replacing the belt.

Without a timing locking tool, it is easy to misalign the camshaft and crankshaft which can lead to timing problems. Therefore, it is recommended to consult an expert before risking additional damage and increasing the cost of repair.

The cost of replacing a timing belt and water pump vary on your vehicle’s make and model. 

Factors such as engine size 8, 6, or 4 cylinder engine can play a role. Complexity of replacing the camshaft or front crankshaft seals can increase the const of timing belt job. 

Some models require the replacement of gaskets when replacing the timing belt, such as valve cover, intake and throttle body gaskets. Once all factors are included, the cost can range from the low end of $500 to $1500 or more.

Timing chains do not have replacement intervals. It’s best practice to replace the timing chain anytime it is removed to gain access when repairing or replacing other components. Failures that can trigger a timing chain replacement include the failure of the tensioner, the guide rails breaking, and stretched chains.

“We are confident in saying that you can acquire many benefits when the service is done right. The advantages include the prevention of breakdowns, less visits to the repair shop, and maintaining the engines performance. Best of all, you will have a dependable vehicle and will be able to enjoy the full ability of your car.”                                                          -Blu Automotive Team

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