Easily Learn How to Charge a Car Battery

Charge a Car Battery with a Battery Charger Prepare the battery for charging When charging, certain types of batteries emit gases that could potentially be hazardous. Because of this, it may be necessary to remove the battery from the vehicle prior to initiating the charging process. To find out whether this step is required for […]

Our Commitment to Our Local Community

In this blog post, we will dig into our community impact. We will highlight and reflect on the various opportunities that we have partaken in, to make a meaningful impact on our community. As an integral part of Harbor City CA, we firmly believe in the importance of being an active community member with a […]

6 Frequently Asked Questions about Car Maintenance

Maintenance service questions

Over Three Decades of Maintenance Service Throughout our years of providing car maintenance services, we’ve come across a range of repeated questions from our clients. Below, you’ll find the most frequently asked questions about car maintenance. Car maintenance plays a pivotal role in ensuring the longevity and optimal performance of any vehicle. Among the fundamental […]

Your Guide to our 8 Frequently Asked Questions about Wheel Alignments

frequently asked questions about wheel alignment

With Over Two Decades of Wheel Alignment Service – Here are our 8 Frequently Asked Questions about Wheel Alignment Service Blu Automotive Is A Leading Alignment Auto Shop in Harbor City CA, Offering Full Service Wheel Alignment Service For over a quarter of a century, since our establishment in 1997, we’ve had the privilege of […]

5 Frequently Asked Questions about Car AC

Honda and Acura Vehicle Interior

Get all of your frequently asked questions about Car AC answered by the experts at Blu Automotive in Harbor City. Keeping the vehicle’s of Harbor City, CA and the Surrounding Community Cool for Over Two Decades Keeping cool and comfortable on the road is essential, especially during those sweltering summer months, and we know how […]

4 Frequently Asked Questions about Brake Service

Brake on a Subaru

The Experts at Blu Automotive in Harbor City are here to answer your frequently asked questions about brake service. Expert Brake Repair in Harbor City, CA. Brake service goes beyond merely replacing brake pads. Our dedicated mechanics invest their time to make sure your brake system operates reliably and ensures your safety on the road.

3 Ways to Utilize Your Car’s AC

Car AC Service

You know that uncomfortable feeling when your car has been under the sun all day, and as soon as you open the door and sit inside, it feels as hot as an oven? To address this, we have three simple yet effective methods to help your car ac system. These will help reduce the heat […]

Top 5 Common Car AC Problems

Car AC for Acura and Honda

When it comes to car AC systems, there can be many reasons why they stop working. Here are the top 5 common car AC problems: 1. Clogged Cabin Air Filter The cabin air filter plays a crucial role in preventing dust, pollen, and other particles from entering the air we breathe in through the dash […]