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Grey Lexus sedan

Maintaining Lexus and Toyota vehicles is what we do best. With over 25 years of experience and competitive pricing over the dealer, we are the locals favorite when it comes to service and repairs. Learn more about our Maintenance Service

Commited to Quality

Our mechanics continued success is due to their ongoing education at Blu. Whether you are putting significant mileage on your vehicle or only driving locally, we are sure that our work will uphold and meet quality standards. Subsequently our technicians will fulfill your vehicles maintenance obligations while keeping a complete history of maintenance visits.


Lexus and Toyota coupon
*Lexus & Toyota vehicles only. Full synthetic oil, 0w-20, and 0w-16 oil is an extra charge. Cannot be combined with any other offer, coupon, or special.
Coupon for brake fluid flush for Toyota and Lexus
*Dealer price is based on advertised price on Lexus dealer site. **Toyota & Lexus vehicles only. Cannot be combined with any other offer, coupon, or special

we offer for your Lexus & Toyota

Lexus and Toyota maintenance dashboard


Hybrid service and repair experts

Brake Inspection

Brake Inspections for what your car really needs

Wheel Alignment

Quality tires, and wheel alignments for a safe ride

Air Conditioning

Comfort like your Lexus was meant to be


Every 5,000 miles for a dependable vehicle

Radiators & Water Pumps

Keeping your engine cool & the coolant in

Timing belt

Recommended every 100k miles


Keeping up the performance of your Lexus

Check engine light

Avoid breakdowns

Servicing Lexus Models

ES - GS - IS - LS - RX - LX & Hybrids

Servicing Toyota Models

Camry - Corolla - Avalon
Highlander - Rav4 - Prius
Sequoia - Tundra - Tacoma

The Car Care Council is a great resource for information on vehicle service and components. Learn more here.

Hybrid Service

Hybrid vehicle

From the first generation Prius, to the new generation and hybrid models, we’ve done it all. Keeping your MPG’s at its peak is our goal.

Hybrids consist of not just the battery but also the inverter, cooling water pump, cooling fan for the battery, and computer just to mention a few. We are trained and experienced to service any component in the Hybrid system .

Internal components of Hybrid vehicle
Lexus vehicle repair

” Lexus and Toyota vehicles are precision machines that require attention to detail. Through our dedication to education, training and investment in equipment, our team can and will maintain your vehicle to its designed performance and comfort. Our respectful service advisors insure a seamless process for your Lexus and Toyota Service and Repairs. We invite you to try us out”.  -Blu Automotive

Wondering if there are any open recalls on your vehicle?
Learn more about current vehicle recalls and safety issues from


Your vehicle’s owners manual will state the recommended time and mileage for service intervals. We recommended having your Toyota or Lexus vehicle serviced every six months or 5,000 miles. Whichever comes first.

To help minimize any unexpected breakdowns and repairs, we strongly recommend that a full service is performed on every oil change.

Our routine maintenance includes a tire rotation and air pressure adjustment. A test drive, fluid top off, brake fluid and battery test, brake inspection, ignition inspection, 70 maintenance inspection, lube of chassis, engine oil and filter change. Afterwords, we will also reset the maintenance reminder.

Typically Lexus and Toyota vehicles require service every 5,000 miles.

In our experience, we have serviced vehicles that are still in good shape after 20 years. We believe this to be a result of performing the maintenance when it is due. While also using quality lubricants and having experienced ASE certified mechanics perform a thorough inspection.

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