Over Three Decades of Maintenance Service

Throughout our years of providing car maintenance services, we’ve come across a range of repeated questions from our clients.

Below, you’ll find the most frequently asked questions about car maintenance.

What is basic maintenance?

Basic car maintenance service starts with a motor oil change. At the same time, the fluid should be check and topped off if needed. A Tire inspection will be performed for uneven wear and nails, your tire pressure will be checked and adjusting to help keep your tire light off.
Checking the exterior light will help keep you and others safe. Examining the wiper blades will ensure that you see clearly through the front windshield. Lastly, inspecting the brake pads will keep your vehicle’s stopping power at its peak. 

What is a full service maintenance service on a car?

A full service maintenance depends on the vehicle make and model, mileage and the options included in the vehicle. This service can include; timing belt, spark plugs, differential fluids, transmission fluids, cabin and engine air filter replacement, induction service and of course an engine oil and filter change.

Can I skip maintenance ?


Skipping maintenance is not recommended and may result in spending money on breakdowns that could have been avoided. In fact, a tire rotation is one of the top skipped maintenance items. Disregarding the tire rotation will result in uneven tire wear and rapid tread wear and may void your tire’s warranty.
In addition, windshield wipers is something that is forgotten until you need to clean your windshield or if it starts raining. Keeping up with maintenance will in return give you a longer term of use of your vehicle.
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What is the average cost of car maintenance service?

Maintenance costs will vary, but most can expect car maintenance to range from basic services at $69.00 to more involved services at $800.00 or more.

How long does a full service take?

A full service in most vehicles can take between 2 to 4 hours. However, a service that is more involved can take up to 6 hours or longer.

What is preventative maintenance and is it worth it?

Preventative maintenance is the service or replacement of a fluid/component that is marginal in condition, but has not failed yet. As an example, during routine maintenance we test the car battery using a conductance battery tester. The battery test will let us know if the battery is good, marginal or failed.
A marginal battery means that it is close to failing. At this point, we will recommend replacing the battery. By doing so, you will forgo the risk of being stranded because of a failed battery.

Car maintenance plays a pivotal role in ensuring the longevity and optimal performance of any vehicle. Among the fundamental maintenance procedures, the oil change service stands as a cornerstone. During this service, it is imperative to provide a qualified mechanic with the opportunity to conduct a comprehensive inspection, encompassing crucial elements such as belts, hoses, the battery, and various fluids, among other vital components.

Drawing from three decades of experience in caring for numerous vehicles, I have encountered instances where these essential inspections were neglected, often resulting in the most common customer complaint: “My car won’t start.” When these vehicles arrive at the shop, my initial point of examination is the battery, as it is the foremost suspect in cases of a “no crank/no start” symptom.

In fact, within the context of an oil change service, we rigorously test the battery. Should it exhibit signs of failure or indicate a low charge that may lead to future failure, we meticulously document these findings and present them to our clients. This commitment to thorough inspections, meticulous documentation, and informed consultation is the cornerstone of proper vehicle maintenance.

Blu Automotive firmly stands against the notion of a hurried 15-minute oil change. It is our belief that a shop or mechanic should be afforded the necessary time to conscientiously execute a maintenance procedure. By doing so, the likelihood of experiencing the inconvenience and frustration associated with being stranded due to a “no start” condition diminishes significantly.

In conclusion, car maintenance is not merely a routine procedure but rather a meticulous and essential regimen that ensures your vehicle’s longevity and dependable performance. Neglecting even the most basic inspections can lead to unexpected breakdowns and inconveniences. Thus, it is paramount to entrust your vehicle’s care to professionals who prioritize thoroughness, documentation, and consultation. This approach not only safeguards your investment but also minimizes the chances of finding yourself stranded with a non-starting vehicle.

Providing Dependable Maintenance for Japanese and Domestic Vehicles in Harbor City, CA.

For more than twenty years, our dedicated team has proudly been at the service of the community, ensuring that vehicles are not only functional but also safe for all of our clients. Every vehicle that comes to our facility is more than just a machine; it’s an embodiment of its owner’s trust, and we treat it with the respect it deserves.

Central to our commitment are our seasoned maintenance mechanics. With their vast experience and skill set, they dive deep into every aspect of a vehicle during their detailed maintenance inspections. Their keen eyes and seasoned judgment ensure that no detail, however minor, escapes their scrutiny. It’s not just about addressing the immediate concerns; it’s about identifying potential problems and ensuring the longevity and safety of your vehicle.

Complementing the hard work of our mechanics is our service advisors. Transparent, honest, and always upfront, they act as the bridge between our team and you. Their job is to keep you in the loop, ensuring you’re informed at every stage of the process. They’ll provide you with clear, straightforward advice on what your vehicle needs, making sure that you can make informed decisions that are right for both your car and your budget.

The heart of our service is the trust our clients place in us. For over two decades, vehicle owners have come to us, not just because of our expertise, but because of the integrity and genuine care with which we handle every job. Keeping your vehicle safely on the road is our mission, but earning and maintaining your trust is our reward.