Get all of your frequently asked questions about Car AC answered by the experts at Blu Automotive in Harbor City.

  1. Why is my Car’s AC blowing warm air?

    Modern vehicle air conditioning systems are complex. Composed of a compressor, condenser, cooling fan, blower motor, evaporator core, controller or module, metering valve, hoses and lines, and refrigerant. When a component of the hvac system fails, it can cause the AC to stop blowing cold air.
    When the AC fails, it’s important to have our skilled mechanics trouble shoot to the root cause of the failure. The AC component can be pricey, therefore having the AC system professionally diagnosed can save you from replacing unnecessary parts.

  2. How do I know if my AC system is leaking?


    The AC system can leak from several places. The most common is the condenser, compressor, and the hoses.
    An area that is not as common is the evaporator core. Sometimes the leaking fluid will reach the ground but most of the time it does not. Specialized AC diagnostic equipment must be used to test and trace to the source of the leak.

  3. What is AC service on a car?

    Our AC service consists of measuring the temperature of the air coming out of the vents. We then verify that the blower motor works on all of its settings. Next, we check that the mode doors of the duct system direct the air flow correctly.
    We check compressor performance by monitoring high and low pressures. Then, the AC cooling fan is checked and a visual inspection for leaks is performed.
    Lastly, we charge the AC unit with refrigerant to factory specification. After the re-charge we remeasure the vent temperature for cooling performance.

  4. How much does AC service on a car cost?

    The cost will depend on the component that has failed. Auto AC repair can range from $150 to $2500 or even more. It’s important to note that manufacture AC repair procedures can differ from one to another and following the repair procedures will ensure a quality repair for a cool ride.

  5. How often should you service AC in a car?

    There is not a defined service interval for ac systems. Typically during routine maintenance service the cabin filter is inspected and the vehicle’s ac system is turned on to check for performance. When you notice the AC performance has diminished, you should schedule your vehicle for a check up at Blu Automotive.

Keeping the vehicle’s of Harbor City, CA and the Surrounding Community Cool for Over Two Decades

Keeping cool and comfortable on the road is essential, especially during those sweltering summer months, and we know how crucial a well-functioning AC system is to your driving experience. That’s why we’ve gone above and beyond to ensure that AC service and repairs are seamless and hassle-free for all of our customers.

First and foremost, our dedicated team of mechanics is equipped with the very latest in AC servicing technology. Our state-of-the-art equipment allows our team to not only service but also expertly repair a wide variety of AC systems. But it’s not just about the tools; it’s about the hands that wield them. Our team is built on a foundation of extensive training and experience. This ensures that they possess the know-how to accurately diagnose and rectify virtually any AC system you might have in your vehicle.

But why choose us? It’s simple: reliability and trust. When you’re looking for cool air, especially in those pressing moments when the heat becomes unbearable, you need a service you can rely on. That’s where our promise comes in. We commit to getting your AC up and running efficiently, ensuring you can get back to driving in comfort.

If you have questions about how to maintain your AC system or want tips on maximizing its efficiency, we’re here to help. Visit our detailed AC service page for a wealth of information, guides, and more. We believe an informed customer is a satisfied one, and we’re dedicated to ensuring you have all the resources you need at your fingertips.

Whether you’re here for a routine check or in urgent need of repairs, trust in us to keep you cool and cruising. Your comfort is our command, and we’re excited to serve you.