Timing belt components are critical to engine operation.  Major engine damage can occur if any part fails in the timing belt system.

Timing belt:

Typically made of rubber with high-tensile fibres. Overtime rubber degrades. Combined with heat from the engine, after 90k miles the chances of failure increase.

Water pump:

The water pump can move a large volume of coolant and it wears over time.  Therefore, it is cost effective to replace it at the same time as the timing belt.


The tensioner keeps the right amount of tension on the belt. To reduce the failure of your new timing belt job, it’s best to replace the tensioner too.

Idler pulley:

Spins on a bearing.  As the bearing ages it becomes prone to failure and will require replacement.

Crankshaft and camshaft seals:

The seals keep oil from leaking.  Over time they harden and start to leak.  For this reason, the timing belt must be removed to access the seals, therefore it is cost effective to replace them at the same time.

Keeping your vehicle for another 90,000 miles? If so, replacing the timing belt is essential.

Have peace of mind with our  2 year 24,000 mile parts and labor warranty with every timing belt replacement.

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