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Our AC service typically takes only 45 min and includes;

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Most vehicles. Cannot be combined with any other offer, coupon, or discount. Up to 2lbs of R134A only.

Over 25 Years of maintaining and repairing Automotive AC Systems

Today’s advanced and modern AC systems require not only experience but proper training in reading and deciphering compressor pressures. Now more than ever electronics are playing a huge role in these systems and knowing how to trouble shoot electrical failures is essential in a successful service or repair. Learn more here.

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AC Service FAQ

Modern vehicle air conditioning systems are complex. Composed of a compressor, condenser, cooling fan, blower motor, evaporator core, controller or module, metering valve, hoses and lines, and refrigerant. When a component of the hvac system fails, it can cause the AC to stop blowing cold air. 

When the AC fails, it’s important to have our skilled mechanics trouble shoot to the root cause of the failure. The AC component can be pricey, therefore having the AC system professionally diagnosed can save you from replacing unnecessary parts.

There are several signs of a failed air conditioner system. An apparent sign is the absence of air blowing through the vents. The blower motor is what pushes air through the vents and is part of the heating and air conditioning system. 

Some vehicle’s AC control button will have a flashing light indicating a malfunction. No cold air through the vents can be from a failed ac compressor. Low refrigerant can cause the air to blow hot and eventually blow cold. No refrigerant from a leak will cause a malfunction and can leave either clear liquid or green colored liquid on the ground.

The AC system can leak from several places. The most common is the condenser, compressor, and the hoses. 

An area that is not as common is the evaporator core. Sometimes the leaking fluid will reach the ground but most of the time it does not. Specialized AC diagnostic equipment must be used to test and trace to the source of the leak.

Our AC service consists of measuring the temperature of the air coming out of the vents. We then verify that the blower motor works on all of its settings. Next, we check that the mode doors of the duct system direct the air flow correctly. 

We check compressor performance by monitoring high and low pressures. Then, the AC cooling fan is checked and a visual inspection for leaks is performed. 

Lastly, we charge the AC unit with refrigerant to factory specification. After the re-charge we remeasure the vent temperature for cooling performance.

The cost will depend on the component that has failed. Auto AC repair can range from $150 to $2500 or even more. It’s important to note that manufacture AC repair procedures can differ from one to another and following the repair procedures will ensure a quality repair for a cool ride.

There is not a defined service interval for ac systems. Typically during routine maintenance service the cabin filter is inspected and the vehicle’s ac system is turned on to check for performance. When you notice the AC performance has diminished, you should schedule your vehicle for a check up at Blu Automotive.

Since there are no service intervals for the AC system you should be fine, but if you notice poor cooling performance we recommend to bring your vehicle in for an ac inspection.

Girlrockltd S.
Girlrockltd S.
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Capable, trustworthy, and true service. They are organized, listen and follow up.
Steve C.
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Reliable, keeps you well informed and with pictures of step by step and their findings. Awesome, trustworthy mechanics.
Tanya Tanya
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Very wonderful staff glad I found this place myself , very informative good customer service ❤️
Robert W.
Robert W.
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I found Blu to be fair, responsive, and caring. They did not push extras like the dealers, gave me a fair price with no inflation and they got my car back to me sooner than promised.
Ramona B.
Sept. 26
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I’ve been going there for a few years now . The staff is great they go above and beyond for customers. Service is outstanding. I highly recommended Blu

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